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Plea Bargaining in Victimless Crime Cases

What do you think of when you hear the term “plea bargain?” A backroom deal cut by the prosecutor? A criminal defendant getting a break in exchange for information on another case or for a guilty plea on reduced charges? In a plea bargain, the defendant gives up an important constitutional right to trial and…

Who We Are is a resource for those charged with victimless crimes and activists wanting to support them. Our focus is our court calendar. If you are charged with a victimless crime, you can fill out a form with your court information so activists in your area can attend court in support.

What We Do

Educational/information documents are available in our resources section for download and printing for outreach. Coming soon, we will have a document information center providing documents and templates you might need for court and information on typical court procedures.

How To Participate

In order to contribute to the court calendar, you will need a user name & password. You can use your facebook login to connect, or create your own. The way you choose is up to you.