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Pete Eyre writing on the Greenfield, MA Trial

For a complete write-up, check out: “When Ademo and I walked into the Franklin County Jail in Greenfield, MA to bail out a friend last July I had no idea we’d be standing in front of a jury over a year later. But, such is the state of affairs today – when individuals who…

Pete and Ademo’s Greenfield, MA Trial Part 1

On July 1st, 2010 Todd M. Dodge of the Greenfield, MA Police Department and his colleagues violated the rights of Ademo Freeman (aka Adam Mueller) & Pete Eyre when they illegally arrested the duo on July 1st, 2010 for simply questioning their requests to stop filming. Together Freeman and Eyre were threatened with eight charges,…

Ademo Freeman & Pete Eyre Didn’t Take the Plea – Not Guilty Verdict

Ademo & Pete of and appear on Adam Kokesh’s “Adam vs the Man”: reports on Greenfield, MA Trial of Ademo & Pete

Trial of men accused of illegal filming inside Franklin County Jail begins in Greenfield, MA “Any chance of reaching a last-minute plea deal with the defendants before the start of the trial apparently was not an option: Mueller was wearing a T-shirt with emblazoned across the back, making it clear that he and Eyre…

Greenfield, MA Police Are Unsuccessful In Extortion Attempt

Beau, Pete and Ademo were on their way back to MARV after a “Know Your Rights” presentation to local Greenfield residents, when a member of the Greenfield police department decided to have an issue with Beau’s longboard, attempting to extort $25 from Beau.

Refused a Plea Deal: Oliver Rich – Another Victim of the Greenfield Police and Judicial System

Check out this video by clicking here: Oliver Rich – Another Victim of the Greenfield, MA Police and Judicial System

Charges Nolle Prosequi in Greenfield, MA Suppression Hearing – Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre, unjustly arrested with colleague Ademo Freeman on July 1st, 2010 in Greenfield, MA by Todd M. Dodge, had a motion hearing to suppress evidence on July 11th, 2011. Before the hearing began Eyre was informed by DA Jeffrey Bengston that the two charges that stemmed from the illegal search of Eyre’s vehicle – a…

Plea Deal = Conviction

In John Edwards’ case, the plea deal wasn’t attractive enough to accept. He was willing to agree to a guilty plea and have a conviction on his record, but the deal breaker was prison time.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Rejects Talk of Plea Deal