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Adam vs. The Man: Lemonade Liberation Segment

Here is the link to the full show. The Lemonade Liberation segment starts at about 6:45.

Lemonade Liberation in DC – Blog Post

Lemonade “Terrorism” August 22, 2011 by Meg McLain On August 20th, 2011 at 12:31pm on the Capitol lawn in Washington DC, Kathryn Dill, William Duffield, and I were arrested for selling 10cent cups of lemonade.  The events leading up to our arrest, along with our capture and kidnapping were beautifully documented by several activists who…

Lemonade Libertation in DC – Children defy police, purchase lemonade at Capitol

Free Keene Blogger, Ian Freeman, Caged for 90 Days

“Today “judge” Arnold ordered Ian caged for 90 days for sitting in front of the vehicle that over a year ago held Heika Courser (who was cuffed for a victimless action). Ian’s request to remain free until his appeal was heard was denied. He also has 270days suspended for 2yrs.”