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Call for Support for Cop Block

Ademo’s guilty verdict is deplorable while the true aggressor, Darren Murphy the School Resource Officer remains on the job and won’t be held accountable.

For video of the trial, keep checking Free Keene’s website. Ian Freeman video recorded the entire trial and video should be up soon.

The cast of characters in today’s court theater:

Ademo Freeman (aka Adam Mueller) – founder of, found guilty of three felony counts of wiretapping

Darren Murphy – employee, Manchester PD, school liaison at West High School (603) 668-8711

Michael Valentine – prosecutor, Hillsborough County (603) 627-5605

Kenneth Brown – Judge, Hillsborough County Superior Court (603) 669-7410

Jonathan Hopkins – employee at Manchester PD, wiretapping threat #1 (603) 668-8711

Denise Michaels – employee at West High School, wiretapping threat #2 (603) 624-6384

MaryEllen McGorry – employee at West High School and former Hillsborough Co. attorney, wiretapping threat #3 (603) 624-6384

If you would like to show your support for Ademo, Cop Block and holding police accountable:

For background information on the case:


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  1. Showmebby says:

    This is bull shit. Taxation without representation. I hope you have already started your appeal. Give them a paper flurry like a yetty in a blizzard. This guy is a rebble, but he is a rebble for good cause. Ademo is a patriot. I hope every one supports him

  2. justin alderman says:

    So in the very beginning of the captains examination by the Prosecuter he said he did not know who was on the phone and was completely annomous to him. (58:50 min. on RAW video) Than during Ademo’s cross He said that if he had known that Ademo was with than he would of assumed he was being recorded but he didnt know he was from copblock (102:14 min from Raw video). Than at the end of the testimony he said the reason he hung up on him was because he knew ademo was from copblock (107:05 min. on raw video) and knew the conversation was going to go no where so he ended the conversation. 1- The captain lied 2- He pretty much said than that he knew he was being recorded

  3. justin alderman says:

    Not to mention both parties hung up on him. who is to say he wasnt going to ask. They should have forfited that right to be asked if they dont wait for all the words to come out.

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