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A Cop Block Post by Pete Eyre

Almost daily Cop Block receives an email, comment or message outlining the need for an interface to collect relevant information from police encounters. Our new sister site was created for that very purpose.

Have an interaction with police that left you with a bad taste in your mouth? Rather than inform their colleagues via a complaint, which almost always is ignored or “handled internally,” through you can share all the pertinent details about your experience using an easy-to-fill-out interface.

Data you enter – such as the police officer’s name, badge number, contact number, picture, incident recount, etc. – will be searchable and visible to anyone with an Internet connection.

Individuals with legitimate grips about they way they were treated by public servants who purport to serve and protect now have a place to turn to get accountability. will quite literally act as an eraser to the thin blue line. Misdeeds were once swept under the rug are no more.


This site is proud to be a sister site of and is intended to provide a police encounter reporting and statistical analysis system. We DO NOT track you, server logs are kept for only 24 hours (to identify spammers). As a service to you, the officers who are identified as being the worst offenders to civil liberty will be targeted with call, email, and fax floods. We STRONGLY recommend visiting for information on the cause.

Much love to David Freeman – the founder of the site who’s done the bulk of the heavy-lifting in making this site a reality. Also to Joey Freeman – who will bring his statistical analysis skills to the site when some number-crunching is in order. And of course to my boy Ademo Freeman for launching back in the day. Onward and upward y’all! is dedicated to officer Matthew Kenneth Koffey of the Manhattan, Kansas Police Department.

Below is the information from the FAQ on

cop reports transparency COP REPORTS.COM NOW ONLINE!!What is your goal?
Our goal is to promote police accountability, plain and simple. We will praise them when exceed expectations and we will be there to let them know when they start to fail. We do not strive to be enemies, we believe we can help make an impact by identifying the worst officers in each department and help to relieve them from duty. They are our servants and it’s time we treat them as such.

Do I absolutely have to know the officer’s name before I make a report?
Though we prefer you investigate and find as much information about the officer as possible, no. In some cases it is impossible to obtain information about your offending officer (for whatever reason), and we understand. We do ask that you give us as detailed an explanation as possible and include the state/department involved.

What is the “Officers of the Month” Program?
Each month we will be identifying the best and worst officers in the country and rewarding them appropriately. The most violent and frequent offender in the country will enjoy a call, fax, and email flood to his related department. The best officer in the country will be rewarded with praise and a to be determined prize.

What are you doing with the data you obtain for statistics?
We will be applying our databases to an intense statistic analysis and identifying traits within states, counties, and departments. For example, in the future we hope to not only be able to identify the departments who habitually profile based on race – but tell you which race they’re after. We are working to compile the most intricate set of statistics we possibly can – thanks to Joey Freeman.

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