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Ademo Freeman

Ademo Freeman faces 21-years in prison because he stood up for a 17-year-old student who was assaulted by high school liaison officer Darren Murphy at West High School in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Despite his actions, Murphy was back on the job the next day while the student was suspended. Another student, who had captured the exchange on video, had been ordered by school personnel to delete the footage.

Darren Murphy

Freeman, concerned about the lack of accountability, posted the video online then made calls to the Manchester Police Department and West High School seeking comment. His phone conversations were included on a video update and from that, he was charged with three felony counts of wiretapping, each of which carries a 7-year maximum penalty.

In no uncertain terms, Freeman is being targeted because he sought to make transparent the wrongs committed by public officials. Instead of “serving and protecting” they are systematically working to censor those highlighting their misdeeds.


The person who should face consequences is the officer who threw that poor kid into a table during lunch at the school cafeteria, not the journalist who reported about it.
-Ian Freeman, host of


On Aug. 13th, 2012 Ademo has trial for seeking to make transparent the assault inflicted on a Manchester West High School student at the hands of Manchester police employee Darren Murphy. He’s charged with three felony counts of wiretapping, which together may bring 21-years.

More info: Journalist Striving for Accountability Faces Two Decades in Prison

Ademo’s currently caged for working to bring to light the unaccountability of four Manchester PD employees who beat-up a man outside a bar in early 2010.
More info: Ademo’s Wrongful Caging – Can You Pledge to Help?




Ways YOU Can Help Ademo

#1 Write / Visit (aka Adam Mueller):

Adam Mueller
CCN #49494
445 Willow St.
Manchester, NH 03103

Visitation each Saturday 7:00 – 8:00pm, but visitors have to be in the facility no later than 6:30pm
Hillsborough County Jail
445 Willow Street
Manchester, NH

#2 Share his story with those in your sphere & local media: – this page
Journalist Striving for Accountability Faces Two Decades in Prison – press release
FREE ADEMO! playlist in chronological order
 – videos
FREE ADEMO! playlist in order of most views – videos

#3 Contact his captors and demand the threats levied be dropped:

Michael G. Valentine – (603) 627-5605
(DA arguing that Ademo deserves to be caged for 21-years)
Hillsborough County Attorney’s Offices, 300 Chestnut Street, Manchester, NH 03101

Michael Delaney – (603) 271-3658
(attorney general who failed to bring charges against Duchesne, Jajuga, Buckley, and Goodno)
NH Department of Justice, 33 Capitol Street, Concord, NH 03301

Jonathan Duchesne, Matt Jajuga, Michael Buckley, David Mara – (603) 668-8711
(first three involved in beating of Chris Micklovich, fourth is “chief”)
Manchester Police Department, 351 Chestnut Street, Manchester, NH 03101-2294

MaryEllen McGorry – (603) 624-6384
(principal, from whom one of Ademo’s wiretapping threats stems)
West High School
9 Notre Dame Ave
Manchester, NH 03102

Ted Gatsas, Thomas R. Clark – (603) 624.6500
(mayor and city solicitor who failed to bring charges against Duchesne, Jajuga, Buckley, and Goodno)
Manchester City Hall, 1045 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101

#4 Donate

Ademo’s Jail Pledge – will be used for his commissary and funds when freed – will be used to advance Cop Block’s mission of police accountability, education of individual rights and the dissemination of effective tactics to utilize while filming police

#5 Show-up on the ground

Hillsborough County Superior Court North, 300 Chestnut Street, Manchester, NH 03101

August 6th, 2012 8am – jury outreach (information about jury nullification) FACEBOOK EVENT
August 13th, 2012 9am – trial
August 14th, 2012 9am – trial (if it doesn’t wrap-up on the 13th)


Journalist Striving for Accountability Faces Two Decades in Prison
NH Public Officials Act with Blatant Disregard for Glik Decision

MANCHESTER, NH – Local journalist and police accountability advocate Adam Mueller faces 21-years in prison for publicizing comments made by public officials operating in their public capacity about an excessive force incident involving Manchester Police officer Darren Murphy and a 17 year-old student that occurred at Manchester’s West High School in October, 2011.

Another student filmed the interaction with his cell phone as his classmate was slammed to a table by School Resource Officer Darren Murphy. After viewing the video that public officials told the recording student to delete, Mueller called the Manchester Police Department and West High School seeking comment. Mueller publicized a video on about the incident which included segments of his conversations with the on-duty public officials.

Almost three months after the altercation at West High School occurred, Adam was indicted on three counts of felony wiretapping, each holding a maximum sentence of seven years in prison. Mueller is ordered to appear for jury selection at the Manchester Superior Court on August 6, 2012 at 9:00AM, and the trial is expected to occur within the two weeks following jury selection.

NH statute states that to be guilty of wiretapping, another party must have a reasonable expectation that their communications are not subject to interception. A public official who is on duty and in a public space has no expectation of privacy, as is reinforced by the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Glik v. Cunniffe in a ruling that states that the First Amendment protects the right to record police in public.

Individuals throughout the country have publicly expressed their support for Mueller’s actions and voiced their recognition of clear double standards. “No matter what, nobody’s child should be abused like that in school,” said the father of the student thrown to the cafeteria table.

Kate Ager 603.903.4317
Pete Eyre 603.903.2928 & [email protected]


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