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Free market anarchist

These are terms I never heard of as a child, even though I was brought up on politics. My mother was secretary of the local branch of the ALP and so I went to many functions and met many interesting people.

By the time I went to uni I was very much over politics and skipped the whole political scene! I voted as it was expected and never thought much about the whole thing as I worked and raised my family.

In 2002 I stopped voting due to a change in religious beliefs. As a conservative Christian, I believed in the separation of church and state: that a Christian should not participate in government at all.

Much has happened (as does with life) and early in 2011 I first came across the idea of copywrong through coming across Pirates of Savannah, and getting to know the author, Tarrin Lupo.

Since then I have done more reading and have come into an awareness of the way the people (myself included) have allowed the government to seize powers they have no right to. Adults should be able to make informed decisions for themselves, under the principles of “no victim: no crime”. Why would we give that up?

I usually avoid generalisms, however it is scary just how many Australians are looking to the government to *fix* our lives. What happened to personal responsibility? Why is it that the ability to think critically is in danger of extinction?

Never Take a Plea is a way of supporting people charged with victimless crimes. If we don’t make a stand, then who will?

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