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Welcome Queensland Australia Never Take A Plea

Welcome by Veronica Stephan-Miller




Free market anarchist

These are terms I never heard of as a child, even though I was brought up on politics. My mother was secretary of the local branch of the ALP and so I went to many functions and met many interesting people.

By the time I went to uni I was very much over politics and skipped the whole political scene! I voted as it was expected and never thought much about the whole thing as I worked and raised my family.

In 2002 I stopped voting due to a change in religious beliefs. As a conservative Christian, I believed in the separation of church and state: that a Christian should not participate in government at all.

Much has happened (as does with life) and early in 2011 I first came across the idea of copywrong through coming across Pirates of Savannah, and getting to know the author, Tarrin Lupo.

Since then I have done more reading and have come into an awareness of the way the people (myself included) have allowed the government to seize powers they have no right to. Adults should be able to make informed decisions for themselves, under the principles of “no victim: no crime”. Why would we give that up?

I usually avoid generalisms, however it is scary just how many Australians are looking to the government to *fix* our lives. What happened to personal responsibility? Why is it that the ability to think critically is in danger of extinction?

Never Take a Plea is a way of supporting people charged with victimless crimes. If we don’t make a stand, then who will?

Antonio Buehler & The Peaceful Streets Project

On July 14th, the Peaceful Streets Project will be holding a conference in Austin, TX on police accountability. At the end of the summit, 100 video flip cameras will be given out to Austin activists to encourage more people to record police interactions for accountability and transparency.

This conference and the project itself grew out of an interaction Buehler had with two Austin police officers, Pat Oborski and Robert Snider. This video is an interview with Antonio about these life-changing events this year.


For more information, visit

High Profile Defendants Rejecting Plea Deals


John Edwards did it. So did Roger Clemens. They both rejected plea deals. John Edwards’ plea deal included serving time in federal prison. Roger Clemens rejected a plea deal that would have spared him being caged. Both went for broke and won.

It’s a lot easier “beating the system” when you have fame and finances. Most people shoved through the courts are bled their last dollar, either through bail money or to pay the outrageous fees to get their car from impound. Cops are also more likely to push around disenfranchised or marginalized groups, fabricate charges, charge stack, or even beat and tase them compared to those with higher social profiles.

By Edwards and Clemens not taking the plea deal and winning, maybe some people will be inspired to do the same. More people might realize that the prosecution is supposed to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt rather than taking the easy way out with a coerced plea deal.

Still, we can’t forget that with the watchful eye of high-priced attorneys, with the news media listening to every word, prosecutors and judges perform differently than in front of an empty courtroom and a lone defendant with little means. This is why it is important to monitor courtrooms and support those charged with victimless crimes who insist on a trial. If more cases went to trial, the system would clog and (the hope is) prosecutors overloaded with cases not accepting plea deals would turn instead to crimes where there are actual victims. This is why it’s important to publicly record trials, allow for transparency and accountability of a system that holds a monopoly on force and imprisonment.

Clemens risked prison by rejecting plea deal

WASHINGTON (AP) — Roger Clemens rejected a plea deal that would have spared him prison time. Instead, he risked his freedom by going to trial.

Clemens lawyer Rusty Hardin says in a telephone interview that prosecutors offered to let the former pitcher plead guilty to one count of lying to Congress when he denied using human growth hormone. In exchange, Clemens would have received probation.

It’s been known that Clemens rejected a plea, of undisclosed scope, in December 2009. The following year, he was indicted on six counts for allegedly lying to Congress. A jury acquitted him Monday on all counts.

Under U.S. sentencing guidelines, Clemens probably would have faced up to 15 months to 21 months in prison if convicted.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia declined comment.

The Bitter State of Texas – Yet Another Arrest for Cannabis












Pictured above: Jillian Wemyss, founder of Stateless Sweets.

UPDATE JUNE 13th, 11:30am: Jillian has asked for people to stop calling. She was put into solitary confinement last night because of the calls. While this to me (Pete) shows that the calls are effective both Jillian and her husband have requested  they stop, so I’ll respect their wishes. Looking forward though to getting the names and contact information of those responsible for her treatment.

This post was written by Pete Eyre originally published by COP BLOCK:

UPDATE 1:20am: A female has been brought into Hudspeth County jail – her identity won’t be confirmed until after she sees a judge in the morning.

UPDATE 12:20am: Jillian is still being held by ICE. Calls to theEl Paso Field Office (915) 225-0885 (which has oversight in west Texas) told callers seeking information on those held to call (915) 225-1700. Calls to that number went unanswered.

Jillian Batty is right now in some legal land limbo – her family and friends have been unable to ascertain her location and her captors haven’t exactly been the most forthcoming with information.

What we know: A few hours ago Jillian, who was driving from California to central Texas to be with her son, was arrested at a west Texas checkpoint when some strangers wearing Immigration & Customs Enforcement badges found a glass pipe and a green substance they deemed illicit.

What we’ve been told: Jullian will be transported to the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Department. Thus far callers have been told Jillian is not-yet in their possession.

This is a department that has “I Fought the Law and the Law Won” on a loop for their on-hold music. That boasts on its Facebook page:

Sheriff had a very successful trip to Washington–took meetings with Department of Defense and several members of congress….Over three million dollars has been brought into our county from one defense contractor in 2011 alone…we’ll be making a major press release shortly… Hudspeth County will be the beneficiary of another great DOD relationship this coming year as well.

What you can do: Call the sheriff’s department (915) 369-2161. Ask if they have Jillian (surname Wemyss). Ask when she’ll be free. Ask why she was taken in the first place? Ask where exactly was the victim? Ask why they impeded the free movement of someone who hadn’t harmed any person or property? Ask if they think text on paper or a badge on their shirt makes unjust actions just?

What’s at stake: Jullian had with her a glass pipe and a small (less than a bowl’s worth) of marijuana. For the former she might get a ransom note of up to $500. For the latter she might be caged for up to 180-days and ransomed up to $2,000.

More background:

  • Jullian is one of 900,000 people that will be arrested this year for possessing a plant. The same question can be asked for all: where’s the victim? The failure of drug prohibition is obvious.
  • Jullian is the founder of Stateless Sweets, which seeks to “provide an exceptional homemade product while spreading the philosophy of Agorism.”
  • When I called the jail to inquire and questioned the jailer on whether she thought individuals accused of an action for which their was no victim should be caged – such as possessing a plant – the jailer replied, “Yes, because it’s against the law in Texas.” When I pressed her to think about her actions she rationalized by stating that “I have bills to pay.” When I asked if she would cage me were I to harbor a fugitive slave, when that act was said to be illicit, the jailer told that me that she would. Such an unthinking statement makes it all the more important to me to support people like Jillian, who has done nothing to deserve being caged.
norml texas marijuana legislation CALL FLOOD: Yet another arrest for marijuana possessionFrom:


My Experience with Plea Bargain Facilitators: A Case for Legalized Cannabis

This post was submitted to us by Earle L. Bailey.

In 1979, I was in a car accident and suffered numerous injuries, including one to my back, which was later diagnosed as spinal stenosis, lumbar arthritis and a bulging disc. I was prescribed demerol to help with the pain, which it did, but I also became addicted. I did not (and do not) like taking any kind of drugs, and I certainly did not like being addicted and suffering the side effects.

I had been using marijuana instead of narcotic pain pills for my back for over ten years. In 2003, I was fairly new to the Bridgeport, CT area and didn’t have a reliable source for the marijuana. I was forced to turn to the street corner dealers and their “nickel bags.” I didn’t much care for having to deal with them, so I finally found a guy who would let me buy “bundles” (25 nickel bags).

Perhaps two or three days after buying a bundle, I was a victim of a “wrong door” drug raid. The upstairs neighbors, crack dealers, had moved out about a week earlier. The police found my marijuana and charged me with “sales,” claiming that one of their informants had made buys from me on two occasions. I never sold to anybody, so I said, “prove it.”

I had to use the “services” of a public defender (also known as a plea bargain facilitator.) I steadfastly demanded to confront this informant in court. Finally, my public defender told me that instead of an informant, they were going to use a statement I had made during the raid. When asked if I sold marijuana, I said, “no. I just smoke with my friends.” BIG mistake! I had unwittingly confessed to distributing marijuana. I would have still fought it, hoping the jury perceived the difference between sharing a joint with friends and selling it on the street corner, but I had cats and nobody to look after them if I went to prison, so I accepted a plea bargain for five years suspended after three years probation.

Because I took a plea, I now have a felony conviction for marijuana sales. You can figure out how that impacts my life.


Redefining Criminology: The World of Police Brutality

Police Brutality: Know Your Rights
Created by:

A Plea for Help!

Editor’s Note: The writer of this submission was charged with aggravated battery on a police officer in Illinois over three years ago. Since he was charged, he has had numerous trial dates set. He goes to court about every 30 days, which has really disrupted his life – the power games the state plays.

Submitted by Kevin Henry

Southern Illinois. It’s been over three years. I was at a bar one night and while there saw a girl face down, out cold and bloody; she had been jumped by four or five other girls. I couldn’t just watch like everyone else, so I stepped in and grabbed the girl while being punched in the head by some guys (apparently friends of the girls who had jumped her). I picked up the injured girl and ran across the road with her when an SUV full of guys jumped out and came at me. At about the same time, the cops showed up. I had started to walk away but I couldn’t let this go and felt I had go back and tell these guys that this behavior would not be tolerated at this establishment. As I walked back (about 20 steps), I heard rocks move and spun and pushed a guy away from me. It was a dimly lit parking lot at night. It turned out to be a police officer I had pushed. I was immediately tased and taken to jail. I simply hadn’t known who he was and I didn’t want to get stabbed or attacked.

The police report says I was drunk, which is not true. So far, there has been no result from the many court appearances; they just keep giving me new trial dates. I have a public defender because I can’t keep a steady job with all the time I have to take off for court. It seems they want me to get tired of going to court and cop a plea, but I refuse.

The girl I helped that night is willing to testify on my behalf. The only reason I got involved was to help her, and I ended up with felony charges. Everyone tells me I need to hire an attorney but I can’t afford one. Are there any attorneys in Illinois who would be willing to help me out?

Editor: If there are any attorneys interested or willing to help, please contact us at our email address.

Judicial Incompetence and Indifference: A Personal Story

By Damion Cocchi

The basics:

On the evening of Monday 5-Apr-2010, I needed to be home on either a LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) 5:22/5:41/5:53 to Ronkonkoma (all get me home at about 7PM), as my in-laws were sitting my two younger daughters, while my oldest daughter and wife were at a Girl Scout function.  I left work late and was attempting to make the 5:41, knowing that I may meet up with a fellow commuter, I grabbed his Girl Scout Cookie order (2 boxes Thin Mints) and from my desk and rushed out.

At about 5:20, I attempted to enter the Grove St PATH station, operated by the Public Authority NYNJPA at the Marin Blvd/Christopher Columbus Dr Entrance, and was asked by 2 PAPD (Port Authority Police Department) Officers to submit my bag for bag search.

The PAPD approached me to try to get me to submit to a search to which I refused after the following queries, and verified that the PAPD was in fact attempting to initiate and investigatory encounter, to which I ultimately did not give consent to the search.

  • Whether I was under arrest?
    • To which the officers responded “No”
  • Whether I was under suspicion of having done something criminal?
    • To which the officers responded “No”
  • Can I refuse the search?
    • To which the officers responded “Yes”

I was then notified by the officers that if I refused the search, then I was not permitted entry in.  When I queried what regulation or law permitted such action, I got the response that if I attempted to reenter the system I would be subject to arrest.  As I left, I told them good-luck on their future endeavor of illegal searches much like the Nazi’s did.

In every other case leading up to the evening of Monday 5-Apr-2010 that I have been stopped either by MTA, NYPD or NY State Troopers, I received answers from no response (stony silence) to none of your business, to you’ll see when we arrest you.  And in each of those cases, which since these Terry Stops were enacted I have always left the entrance I entered in and proceeded to the next closest entrance and re-entered the public transportation system and went on my merry way, giving them the feel good notion that they did something.


This was the second time that a police force had someone sent to look for specifically for me for a re-entry into the system and on the platform with the intention of confronting me.  The 1st time I was chased down on the Number 7 Subway Platform, at the 5th Ave/42nd St entrance by an NYPD Lieutenant who when confronted me, after I refused his teams bag search and left for another entrance; I asked him again, what regulation or law gave him the authority to prevent me from entering the system, when I had a valid metro card ticket and used it to enter which gave me authorized permission to use and travel within the public transportation system.  To which he made his disdain known but left in huff with no further words by either of us; nothing further came of that incident.  But as he left he was still extremely irate with me and spoke loudly enough to his team so that I heard, but seemed to have grudgingly accepted/allowed my position.


As I proceeded to the leave the station through the entrance that I had originally entered through, I began my search for the alternate entrance (I had never before used or seen this other entrance and was unsure of its whereabouts). I also realized I was not going to make the 5:41, by wasting time searching for the entrance, so as I walked I put the Girl Scout Cookies in my book bag.

I discovered the Christopher Columbus Dr/Grove St. Entrance after having walked one block north and one block west and entered to await on the Platform to catch the 33rd St PATH back to Herald Square so that I could get to Penn Station and ultimately home.

Once within the station while walking down the platform back towards the Marin Blvd/Christopher Columbus Dr Entrance of the platform I passed a PAPD officer, who was apparently sent to verify if I had re-entered the public transportation systm, at which point while waiting for the PATH to 33rd St to arrive, several other PAPD officers arrived and surrounded me and asked me to step towards a support beam(on the Newark.JSQ side of the platform), and place my bag down, and proceeded to handcuff me.  I was then walked/escorted to the Christopher Columbus Dr/Grove St. Entrance end of the platform where I was asked some identification questions, and patted down.  They then asked where my ID was located and retrieved it and began making initial query calls to verify ID, and my status regarding warrants, etc…

I was then walked/escorted back to the Marin Blvd/Christopher Columbus Dr Entrance and put into a marked PAPD sedan (parked on Marin Blvd) and brought to Journal Sq for further processing.  I was then subjected to a more invasive search, asked about identifying scars and tattoo’s and had my shoelaces & belt removed along with my other personal items.  Additionally my bag was also subject to further search, the officers and a supervisor asked if my bag contained anything that the officer may hurt himself with while searching the bag, to which I responded that I did have a multi-tool and that I worked in IT so was a necessary item for me in the bag, which had a pocket-knife and screwdriver, which should be/and were in the closed positions, when they had finished searching my bag, the officer asked what I had done with the Girl Scout Cookies that I had been carrying, to which I responded that they were in the bag, they were unable to find it, and I needed to point out the location of the compartment (it was missed during the search).  I was then escorted into a holding cell, and while there I was asked mainly questions about my identity if I had ever been arrested before (never prior to this incident).  At sometime around 7PM, I was read my Miranda Rights and signed that I acknowledgment that I was read/understood them, and at around 8PM I was offered a phone call, and some food.  As a guess at around 8:30 or so, another PAPD officer asked, he just stated that he was curious, nothing was to come of it, if I also wore glasses and then when I responded that I do he then reaffirmed his statement that nothing was to come of it, and asked if I was the person that did the same thing at a “Random Bag Search” that occurred the prior week on 1-April, to which I responded that I most likely was, not sure how many other people do not consent to voluntary searches.  This occurred at the 33rd St Entrance and asked to submit to a bag search, to which I responded similarly the same way on that day as I did for this incident:

  • Whether I was under arrest? To which the officers responded “No”
  • Whether I was under suspicion of having done something criminal? To which the officers responded “No”
  • Can I refuse the search?  To which the officers responded “Yes”

I was not told during this incident that I would be arrested if I attempted to enter the system in this case and left with out further questions from me, but still gave them my common retort good-luck on the future endeavor of illegal searches much like the Nazi’s did; I then proceeded to exit through the 33rd / JC Penny entrance and at street level crossed 6th Ave and proceeded back down into the PATH station from the opposite side of the Bag Check, and entered the PATH Platform.  He said that they were sent to look for me at the 32nd St Entrance, and I told him I always enter back through the closest entrance, I just crossed 6th Ave. (all of which I imagine was supported when they ran the turnstile checks on my PATH-Link card, thusly not answering or lying I viewed was to cause more trouble).

The Charges:

The complaint alleges that Mr. Damion M. Cocchi is charged with defiant trespass NJSA 2C:18-3B(1) did “…….” – the complaint does have my address incorrectly as NJ – not sure if that means anything.

The Court Appearances:

I had to represent myself (Pro Se) as no lawyer wanted to actually defend me, they all wanted to plea out.

1st Court Date

12-Apr-2010 @ 9AM, Jersey City Municipal Court; before Judge Cynthia Jackson

  • The DA, asked if I had an attorney, I said no that I was going to ask for court appointed, he offered a plea agreement to misdemeanor – I asked to discuss it with my wife.  He said it was a limited time offer (until the judge entered the room), I left the court room to call Steph and discuss.  I wasn’t comfortable with the deal as it would not resolve the issue of the false arrest, and that this could happen again in the future.  I work in the Financial Services Sector, can’t be having that I was arrested (need to have the case expunged, to claim that I haven’t been arrested).
  • Judge/Court refused legal aid, due to that I make to much money apparently.
  • Ultimately pleaded not guilty, and got a return court date of 14-June-2010 @ 1PM.

2nd Court Date

14-June-2010 @ 1PM, Jersey City Municipal Court; before Judge Cynthia Jackson

  • DA, asked if I had an attorney, I said no and went through the process before as if I had never had the original 12-Apr Court Date.  I asked about my “Request for Discovery” Materials that I had requested earlier, and was told to speak with the judge about it.
  • Entered my plea of Not Guilty again, with a new return court date of 24-Aug @ 1PM.
    • I followed-up with Judge Jackson with regards to my Discovery Materials, and was directed to speak with the Office of the Municipal Prosecutor.
  • I spoke with the Office of the Municipal Prosecutors Office, and was directed to re-fill out my request for materials, and send a $25 Check to the office and not to the PAPD (As I have heard nothing from the original request from the PAPD).  And to mail it to the Office along with a required Coversheet: it was sent on 14-July.

3rd Court Date

appearance 24-August-2010, Judge Ana C Moreira, (updated (nov-9) Margaret M Marley – Judge Moreira was incorrectly listed on the door of court room1)) Officer Deprima finally appeared in court, along with Sgt. Gonzales.

  • DA acknowledges that there were deficiencies from the Office of the Municipal Prosecutor’s office, that did not properly complete my Discovery Materials request.
  • PAPD Sgt Gonzales acknowledges that the PAPD, only keeps video evidence (regardless of its use in criminal proceedings for 22 days, against NJ State Procedure Data Retention Requirements).
  • I was queried by Judge Moreira; as to why I did not consent voluntarily and waive my 4th Amendment Rights. I maintained it was US Constitutionally protected right that I was not required nor voluntarily wanted to invalidate. Additionally I was also requested to write a Legal Brief for the Judge with the basis of my arguments.

4th Court Date

scheduled to hand deliver the Legal Brief for the Judge and DA review. On 20-Sep-2010 @ 1PM.

5th Court Date – Scheduled

scheduled for 1-Oct-2010 @ 1PM, DA rebuttal to my Legal Brief.

On 23-Sep, I realized I missed my court Sep 20th court date, and immediately sent an apology the legal brief to Judge Moreira.  I then also had a continuance accepted to 9-Nov. 

6th Court Date – Scheduled

scheduled for 15-Oct, but needed a continuance and reschedule as I was in Florida and unavailable.

5th Court Appearance

Appeared in Court Room 3 on 9-Nov-2010, and identified that the Judge I had was in fact a Judge Margaret M Marley, and not Judge Ana C Moreira.  Based upon the my query and the name plates on the doors to the court rooms.  During this appearance the DA had not had the opportunity to review the Legal Brief, and a new court date was set for Dec 10th at 1PM, the Judge gave the DA more time as I had delivered my Legal Brief late (by three days, but that earned a rebuke from the Judge and the extra time for the DA to review).  But had stated and documented it in the court records that if the DA hadn’t responded than my case would be dismissed.  Though I was once again told I should have waived my 4th Amendment right by Judge Marley.

6th Court Appearance

An emergency requiring all Judges and DA’s from Jersey City Municipal Court to be off-site, I was never notified until my court appearance.  A judge from the Bayonne NJ Courts provided a new court date.  Surprise,, even with the Judges order to dismiss the case of the ADA did not provide a response, and for which there was no record that she had, I was given the new appearance date.

7th Court Appearance

Jan 10th, again Judge Marley unavailable but the DA was there and unprepared again – no response to my brief.  The judge yet again against the court orders to dismiss had set a new date instead.  Additionally he requested that the DA and discuss the “Discovery Materials” issues again, to which the DA was entirely clueless that the PAPD was not a Federal Law Enforcement Agency, we had quite a lengthy discussion that they were in fact a Bi-State Authority with powers granted by NY State laws, and covered by NJ Courts.  She was watched by PAPD Sgt Gonzales, and when questions came up about the PAPD she would hold a conference with him, though he stayed entirely silent when I argued that the PAPD was not a Federal Law Enforcement Agency or a Private Firm, but a Public Authority.  He would only provide guidance to her on the Video evidence that I had requested, when she finally got stonewalled silent because i wouldn’t drop the the PAPD is state police law enforcement agency and eventually replied that she wasn’t going to fulfill my Discovery Materials Requests, meeting adjourned.

8th Court Appearance

Prior to this court appearance I went to the Office of the Chief District Attorney’s and filed a letter of compliant with them about the DA with respect to her lack of professionalism for willfully refusing to provide my discovery materials, her lack of knowledge about the laws especially with regards to the Legal Structure of the PAPD and NYNJPA and her incompetence at replying to my legal brief in a timely fashion, as expected she was not held accountable, I just got a thank you for delivering the letter, it will be investigated…If it was I never received any follow-up to indicate that this had indeed happened.

On Jan 13th, Judge Marley was available but a new DA was there and unprepared again – no response to my brief.  The judge yet again against her own court orders, and again she cited that I was late with my Legal Brief (by 3 days) – that the DA earned the right to still respond to my brief.

9th Court Appearance

Feb 22nd, Again the DA was not prepared and had no response to my Legal Brief, but stayed her decision as she wanted the PAPD officers and there Supervisor in Court as well for her decision.

10th Court Appearance

My case was dismissed (though not on the grounds I wanted 4th Amendment violation), she still felt that I should have waived my rights.  But in her ruling she called the PAPD to task on their willful destruction of Videos that may should have been saved as per NJ retention requirements, and that they had violated the law.  She wanted the arresting officer and the supervisor to be aware of it, as a result the PAPD are no required to save all videos for any criminal proceeding to be available for Discovery Requests in the future as per the NJ Retention Requirement Law.  She continued to further berate them for dis-respecting the court for their continued non-appearance as well.

I have attached my Legal Brief that I submitted in Sep, though with a few updates as time progressed for my own documentation.  The court appearance dates and info are the only changes.

Written and submitted by Damion Cocchi

Legal Brief_updated as of Jan2011

(Editor’s Note: This is a typical story where the courts try to wear down the person and inconvenience them as much as possible, forcing the person charged to take time off from work and life to prove they are innocent, instead being presumed innocent until proven guilty. Luckily, Damion didn’t have the thousands of dollars of expense of an attorney, which most people incur. The judge, the DA, and law enforcement are all on the same team, excusing one another’s mistakes and overlooking one another’s incompetency to the detriment of the defendant. The DA’s goal is to get a guilty plea/verdict with the least amount of work in order to teach the defendant obedience and to ring the government cash register with fines and court costs. Remember, the judge, DA and LEOs are all paid to participate in this system, to go to court, to be prepared. The defendant must take time out to fight bogus charges and is usually unschooled in the intricacies of the judicial system.)

Cop Block announces the launch of!




A Cop Block Post by Pete Eyre

Almost daily Cop Block receives an email, comment or message outlining the need for an interface to collect relevant information from police encounters. Our new sister site was created for that very purpose.

Have an interaction with police that left you with a bad taste in your mouth? Rather than inform their colleagues via a complaint, which almost always is ignored or “handled internally,” through you can share all the pertinent details about your experience using an easy-to-fill-out interface.

Data you enter – such as the police officer’s name, badge number, contact number, picture, incident recount, etc. – will be searchable and visible to anyone with an Internet connection.

Individuals with legitimate grips about they way they were treated by public servants who purport to serve and protect now have a place to turn to get accountability. will quite literally act as an eraser to the thin blue line. Misdeeds were once swept under the rug are no more.


This site is proud to be a sister site of and is intended to provide a police encounter reporting and statistical analysis system. We DO NOT track you, server logs are kept for only 24 hours (to identify spammers). As a service to you, the officers who are identified as being the worst offenders to civil liberty will be targeted with call, email, and fax floods. We STRONGLY recommend visiting for information on the cause.

Much love to David Freeman – the founder of the site who’s done the bulk of the heavy-lifting in making this site a reality. Also to Joey Freeman – who will bring his statistical analysis skills to the site when some number-crunching is in order. And of course to my boy Ademo Freeman for launching back in the day. Onward and upward y’all! is dedicated to officer Matthew Kenneth Koffey of the Manhattan, Kansas Police Department.

Below is the information from the FAQ on

cop reports transparency COP REPORTS.COM NOW ONLINE!!What is your goal?
Our goal is to promote police accountability, plain and simple. We will praise them when exceed expectations and we will be there to let them know when they start to fail. We do not strive to be enemies, we believe we can help make an impact by identifying the worst officers in each department and help to relieve them from duty. They are our servants and it’s time we treat them as such.

Do I absolutely have to know the officer’s name before I make a report?
Though we prefer you investigate and find as much information about the officer as possible, no. In some cases it is impossible to obtain information about your offending officer (for whatever reason), and we understand. We do ask that you give us as detailed an explanation as possible and include the state/department involved.

What is the “Officers of the Month” Program?
Each month we will be identifying the best and worst officers in the country and rewarding them appropriately. The most violent and frequent offender in the country will enjoy a call, fax, and email flood to his related department. The best officer in the country will be rewarded with praise and a to be determined prize.

What are you doing with the data you obtain for statistics?
We will be applying our databases to an intense statistic analysis and identifying traits within states, counties, and departments. For example, in the future we hope to not only be able to identify the departments who habitually profile based on race – but tell you which race they’re after. We are working to compile the most intricate set of statistics we possibly can – thanks to Joey Freeman.