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A Plea for Help!

Editor’s Note: The writer of this submission was charged with aggravated battery on a police officer in Illinois over three years ago. Since he was charged, he has had numerous trial dates set. He goes to court about every 30 days, which has really disrupted his life – the power games the state plays.

Submitted by Kevin Henry

Southern Illinois. It’s been over three years. I was at a bar one night and while there saw a girl face down, out cold and bloody; she had been jumped by four or five other girls. I couldn’t just watch like everyone else, so I stepped in and grabbed the girl while being punched in the head by some guys (apparently friends of the girls who had jumped her). I picked up the injured girl and ran across the road with her when an SUV full of guys jumped out and came at me. At about the same time, the cops showed up. I had started to walk away but I couldn’t let this go and felt I had go back and tell these guys that this behavior would not be tolerated at this establishment. As I walked back (about 20 steps), I heard rocks move and spun and pushed a guy away from me. It was a dimly lit parking lot at night. It turned out to be a police officer I had pushed. I was immediately tased and taken to jail. I simply hadn’t known who he was and I didn’t want to get stabbed or attacked.

The police report says I was drunk, which is not true. So far, there has been no result from the many court appearances; they just keep giving me new trial dates. I have a public defender because I can’t keep a steady job with all the time I have to take off for court. It seems they want me to get tired of going to court and cop a plea, but I refuse.

The girl I helped that night is willing to testify on my behalf. The only reason I got involved was to help her, and I ended up with felony charges. Everyone tells me I need to hire an attorney but I can’t afford one. Are there any attorneys in Illinois who would be willing to help me out?

Editor: If there are any attorneys interested or willing to help, please contact us at our email address.

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